Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Roswell Corners

5 rating

In response to Jon's earlier review, I visited this morning and the process with the new login system worked flawlessly. I'm sure there were some growing pains when it was originally installed, just like all new technology. You simply enter your cell phone number and select which person in your household (you or one of your children) needs a cut and your name immediately pops up on the monitor with an estimated wait time. Soon you'll be able to check in from home before you head to the shop for your haircut, saving you time and hassle. There's nothing worse than showing up and seeing there are 10 people in front of you. I welcome this new technology because all of the other chains in the area (e.g. Great Clips) have this technology and it really makes things easier when you can "call ahead" and get your name on the list. Thank you to the store owner for investing in these great improvements!

1 rating

I have been a loyal customer of the Roswell Sports Clips for over 5 years. Each visit has been enjoyable and I have always been happy with my haircut. The staff are all friendly, professional and talented. But today was very different. Some idiot had the moronic idea of forcing each customer to sign in to a computer before they could be served. TERRIBLE idea. And the employees have not been trained sufficiently to deal with problems with the system. Today, I saw 4 different customers walk out because of the new system and the problems it was presenting the stylists. When I went to pay, the computer froze and every thing came to a halt. Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. And this was not the fault of the two employees but of the owner or whomever came up with this ridiculous new procedure. Every customer who was in there today deserves an apology. And, unless, you plan on closing this location down, changes need to be made immediately.

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